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Why the delta variant of covid 19 is so dangerous

The corona virus was first discovered in Wuhan China in 2019. It rapidly spread to other parts of the world .So far it has had a devastating effect in countries such as Italy, Brazil, USA , India and UK. The original virus has undergone several mutations to form what are known as variants. Viruses undergo mutations as a way of survival . Mutation is a sudden change in he genetic makeup of an organism.

Variants have been given the names alpha, delta, beta and gamma . Alpha was first discovered in the UK, Beta was first identified in South Africa. Gamma was discovered in Brazil.

The reason why delta is so worrisome is because it has a very high transmission rate compared to other variants. It also causes more severe disease than other variants . Data published on shows that in May 70% of those infected had the delta variant. The variant is said to be less sensitive to antibodies generated by vaccines than alpha. According to the data first dose of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca give a 30% protection against delta. After the second dose these rises to 88% for Pfizer and 60% for Astra Zeneca . This shows that two doses of the vaccine work well against the delta Variant.

As countries rush to open their economies, a rise in virus variants may prolong the pandemic . The real risk is when you consider that most people are unvaccinated or have one dose and the high transmissibility of the variant. In Kenya the Ministry of health has declared the delta variant to be dominant.

Best solution is to test, isolate the positive cases and vaccinate.

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