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Hospital Licence Counselled After Refusing To Release A Body Detained In Their Facility

I/CThe Kenya medical practitioners and dentist commission (KMPDC) have counciled the licence of Reale hospital in Eldoret for not releasing a body detained in their facility, CEO Yumbya has said. The body which has been kept on hold due to arrears, has been there pending payment from family members.

According to the commission, it is wrong to restrict anyone on bill issues instead, there should be an agreement that will see the amount be paid partially. Due to the action, activities in the premises have now been rendered illegal which will see many loose their source of income

Though negotiations to see a review of this is ongoing, patients receiving treatment have been pushed to seeking help from other facilities as the matter is awaiting to be resolved.

In the recent days, reports of bodies and even patients who have aleady healed being held in hospital premises for upto a year have been reported. This has drawn the attention of the licencing board as well as the ministry of health.

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