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BREAKING: Tanzania to Spend 47 Billion Shillings on Vaccine Purchase and Covid Relief to Businesses

The government of the republic of Tanzania has said that it will spend over 470 million dollars in helping the economy get back on its feet. This money will also go into purchasing of Covid vaccines which have been in short supply around the globe.

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The President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu has given the statement as this will help the country better. Every nation on Earth has suffered due to the devastating effects of the virus on the economy as well as the populace.

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It is still unclear how this money will be subdivided into the many sectors of the economy that have been severely hit. Businesses around the world, and especially Africa, have had to close down because they couldn't go on anymore.

This 47 Billion Kenya shillings will help the economy of Tanzania regain its momentum and find its way in the world again. Since Suluhu took over from Magufuli, there have been changes especially to do with the way the country has handled the covid crisis.

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