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What Might Happen if we Avoid Sleeping For Few Days

Human body requires some rest so as to rejuvenate and recharge again before proceeding to other tasks. On the best way to rest and relax is sleeping, this is also important for our health. I will be showing you what would happen if we avoid sleeping for a long time.

6 hours later after a sleepless night

You will have to force your body to handle daily stress where it will produce hormone cortisol excessively which will in turn make you more irritable and anxious. As a result, you will feel confused and tensed.

12 hours later

At this moment, your brain will begin feeling the effects of lack of sleep; you will have non-essential mental functions. You will have poor decision making and your reaction time will decrease, you will feel the effects but you can still push on and handle the some daily tasks

24 hours later

At this time, instead of feeling tired and worn out, you may feel motivated and more productive than usual, all your sense becomes active and everything just feels okay. The reason behind this is that the brain tries to cover up for lack of sleep by producing more dopamine levels. If you go far beyond this then everything starts falling apart

36 hours later

Your brain still fights to compensate for lack of sleep, it tries to save more energy and your memory starts to become weak. Your body will start shutting some functions and if you extend beyond this then you are about to face some serious problems

48 hours

Here some body functions have already shut down now you may start hallucinating, lack of vital chemicals and nutrients triggers reaction in your overstimulated brain causing delusion. At this point you hear and see strange sounds like whispers and also visions. You may lose your memory; forget your details and even how to feed

3 to 11 days

Randy Gardner stayed for 11 days without sleep and he is the official holder of this record. This means no one has ever stayed awake past 11 days according to records. Does this mean that our brain is still capable of functioning even past 11 days without serious damages? But what would be the cost of all that? It is necessary to let your body rest to maintain its maximum and effective functioning form

How long have you ever stayed awake without sleeping?

Content created and supplied by: NastieEddie (via Opera News )


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