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Home Remedy For Eliminating Belly Fat within One Week.

Belly fat is not only a health threat but also affects one's esteem negatively by distorting the body shape.Good body shape makes one to look good.There are various forms of exercise that can be done to lose belly fat.However having a flat tummy is also possible using lemon ginger tea.It is easy to prepare and works best when taken once daily on an empty stomach preferably in the morning.Its also recommended that only one cup of lemon ginger tea per day should be taken . A time gap of 20 minutes after taking it should be observed before taking meals.

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Lemon ginger tea helps in losing belly fat by reducing insulin resistance.Ginger improves fat absorption and prevents it's accumulation in the body. Lemon's smell is known to reduce stress causing an increase in metabolism and proper organ function that helps in weight loss.


1.One cup of boiled hot water.

2.One fresh lemon.

3.A half inch length of ginger.

4.One tablespoon full of honey.

Step by step preparation of ginger lemon tea.

(a). slice one piece of ginger in to as fine slices as possible or otherwise grate it.

(b). Add the slices in to a cup of boiled hot water and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes. This allows the content in ginger to transfer in to the water.

(c).Take one lemon and cut it in to two halves.

(d). Squeeze the lemon halves in to the mixture in the cup ,stir ,sieve and allow it to cool.

(e).Add one tablespoon full of honey to taste and counter the spicy smell of ginger.Serve it when warm.

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