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Do You Drool When You Sleep? Here Is What It Means

Drooling is not a bad thing as most people think. If you drool when you sleep, you should be proud of yourself as this shows that you are well rested. When sleeping, drool comes out in three phases which are known as non-REM stages. REM stands for rapid eye movement. The first stage is when you are technically asleep but you can easily be awaken up. The second stage is when your heart rate slows down and your body is getting ready to get into deep sleep. The third stage is when your body is truly in deep sleep and it's hard to be awaken.

The next phase occurs one and half hours after going bed. Your brain is more active, heart rate increase and breathing becomes faster too. It is likely that you might open your mouth a little and some saliva drops out since you are completely relaxed. This happens because your body is not constantly producing and swallowing saliva during your sleep.

All non-vital movements are halted and keeping your mouth closed is not vital. Drooling is also a sign that dreams are occuring as they should be. Dry mouth means that your sleep is disturbed and you are not getting enough deep sleep. Drooling is better than snoring and a sign of better health.

On the other hand, drooling can also be a sign of some diseases in other cases. Always remember to replace your pillow case every morning if you drool because it is wet from a night of sleep. Drooling can be prevented by sleeping with your head elevated, sleeping on your back and breathing through the nose.

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