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Watch out. This is how a jiko kills you at night.

UHave you ever slept at night with a jiko burning in the house and the door closed?. Well,that was your last close shave. This is why

The charcoal used in jiko burns to produce carbon (iv)oxide,a dangerous gas. As the charcoal burns,it depletes the oxygen we breath in the room . When the charcoal continue to burn in the little oxygen remaining in the room, incomplete combustion leads to formation of another deadly gas called carbon monoxide or carbon(ii) oxide.

Carbon monoxide has a high affinity for haemoglobin. It reacts with oxygen to form carboxyhaemoglobin,a stable compound that's not easily broken by the body's processes. This makes blood incapable of carrying oxygen to the rest of the body causing lack of oxygen in essential parts e.g heart.

Suffocating follows then death. The following morning,you'll wake up to find yourself dead.😂😂

So take care....

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