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Pregnancy period

Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes Daily

Tomatoes are exceptionally beneficial for people who wants to lose weight and maintain their blood pressure levels. They also help enhance vision and aid in diabetes management. Importantly,they can be beneficial to pregnant women. Here are health benefits of eating tomatoes everyday ;

1•Tomatoes regulate blood pressure _The lycopene in tomatoes has been found to reduce blood pressure. Tomatoes are also rich in potassium,a mineral known to lower blood pressure levels. This is because potassium reduces the effects of sodium. Potassium eases the tension in the walls of your blood vessels further reducing blood pressure.

Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C that has been found to reduce blood pressure. The fresh tomatoes are rich in potassium and can have the best blood pressure lowering effects.

2.Tomatoes improve skin and hair health _ Tomatoes are an important ingredient in most beauty treatments. They help cure large pores,treat acne,soothe sunburn,and revive dull skin.The antioxidants in tomato,especially lycopene,fight cellular damage and skin inflammation. Tomatoes also works wonderfully well as an stringent and improve facial texture. They remove excess oils from your skin and keep your face fresh for longer.

3• Tomatoes are good during pregnancy _Vitamin C is one of the nutrients any woman needs Dior pregnancy to keep herself and her baby healthy. It aids the formation of healthy bones,teeth and gums.This vitamin also assists in the proper absorption of iron in the body,another vital nutrient during pregnancy. Though taking iron supplements during pregnancy is advisable,eating tomatoes can have its benefits.

4•Tomatoes improve vision_ Tomatoesare rich in vitamin A,which is one reason they are excellent for uour eyes. The retinas of your eyes rely on vitamin A,and low levels of the vitamin can,with time,cause blindness.

5•Tomatoes enhance digestive health _Tomatoes are good sources of chloride ,which is an essence component of digestive juices.Eating antioxidant rich foods like tomatoes can also help you deal with gastritis,a condition in which the stomach lining is inflamed.

Had l known tomatoes are replete with such wonderful benefits,l would have made them my favourite from my childhood. Thanks for reading.

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