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Amerix: Why You Should Avoid Seed Oils If You Want To Be Healthy.

On Wednesday 28th, July 2021 at 9pm, Amerix who is a reproductive specialist warned against taking seed oils ( cottonseed, soya, sunflower) saying they are not good for your health.

Amerix, a man health and wellbeing specialist, through his website, detailed that in the early 20th century, Seed oils ( sunflower, soya, cottonseed) were manufactured to lubricate machinery and manufacture paint.

In his statement, Amerix, a medical enthusiasts gave insightful information saying today, human beings eat them in plenty thinking they are the healthiest oils on earth. However, he detailed that they are NOT advising people to discard them.

The healthiest fat, according to Busienei Bett (@BusieneiBett), are animals fat, butter or olive oil although the price is too high and unsustainable but they are the healthiest. "Would you rather go for cheap and get sick or go expensive but healthy?" He asked.

His fans snatched the opportunity to air their views concerning the advice.

"Seed oils are manufactured to make your health feel so fragile, they lurk in shadows like danger inside your body until you perish slowly but surely. Eliminate seed oils or else." @realBillSahani remarked.

"Ready to unlearn. Change or perish." @otinaafrica warned.

"Butter (unprocessed), coconut oil, olive oil(extra virgin cold pressed, avocado oil). Ni ngumu kupata original olive, coconut and avocado oils in Kenya.. You can stick to lard, butter, ghee." Busienei Bett concluded.

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