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Dangers of taking more than 10 beers a week

Taking beer or any alcoholic drink may seem cool especially after a long week and you want to unwind abit as you reflect back on how dramatic your week as certainly been.Taking more than ten bottles of beer a week is however harmful to your health and today we want to show you why that is very true.


Beers don't come freely hence they have to be bought and they are not cheaply brought because for one instance beer is very expensive since one bottle of beer cost a whooping 1,500 when one buys the 800ml of beer.Doing our match you will realize that by the end of one week after downing ten bottles of beer you will have spent more than 12,000 Kenyan shillings categorically on drinks.Taking our math further to a month you will have drunk a whooping 48,000 which equally the salary of an high school teacher hence drinking alcohol is very expensive.


Despite the fact that drinking your beer with friends may seem cool drinking more than ten bottles of beer is going to not only tamper with your health but also rapidly reduce your lifespan by almost three quarter.Alcoholics are rarely sober hence taking an additional ten bottles of alcohol a week is going to see to it that the better part of your week you spend saying nonsense since you will not be sober.Beer also tampers with your livers and lungs like we had previously learnt in schools therefore before you think of downing ten bottles of beer per week you may want to think of your health.


Nobody would want to employ a drunkard since ones productivity level is extremely low especially when they are drunk or high on something that is impairing their judgement.Therefore if you value your job you may want to limit the amount of beer or any alcoholic drink you take per week.

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