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Covid-19 Positivity Rate Rises in the Country

The war on covid 19 is far from being over. Two years after serious battling with the virus, countries across the world are still registering new cases. Kenya had relaxed containment measures when the positivity rate significantly went down. But now things seems to be worsening again.

According to the data provided by the ministry of health, the country has in the last 24 hours registered two hundred and forty nine new cases from 2, 572 samples. This brings the country's positivity rate at 9.7 percent. One patient succumbed to the virus.A closer view of the statistics shows that, the positivity rate is almost hitting 10 percent. This implies that, should citizens not observe healthy measures on covid 19, the country may head back to lockdown measures as it was before. Therefore, leaders especially seeking elective posts should minimize public gathering or rallies and use online platforms and main stream media to campaign, in order to save their supporters and also advise them to go for vaccination.

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