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Good News To Kenyans After Ministry Of Health Releases These Positive Announcement About Covid-19

Corona Virus was declared an international calamity couple of months ago after millions contracted the disease. Out of the positive cases recorded, we have had millions of people being pronounced dead worldwide. Apparently, several countries are working hard to ensure their citizens get Astra Zeneca vaccine. In Kenya, we have had the first and second doses being administered and basically all I can say is that we can see positive cases of Corona Virus patients reducing. In today's announcement, we had an improvement considering that many have adhered to all measures. We had 646 new cases being announced today. This is out of a sample size of 6039 recorded in the last 24hrs. The number of men who tested positive was lesser than that of females. Generally, 300 men tested positive and 346 ladies summed that number to 646. Out of these 646 cases, 26 were from other countries while the rest were Kenyans. The oldest positive patient was 105 years old while a four months old baby was youngest in that list. Positivity rate is now at 10.7%. Generally, if we adhere to all rules and go for vaccination, these numbers will reduce. Ensure you go for vaccination.

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