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Ways Through Which HIV/AIDS can be Transmitted

It is only spread from an infected person to persons not infected. Research has shown that blood and vaginal fluids contain the highest percentage of HIV. Research also shows that saliva has a small percentage of the virus. These are some three ways one can spread HIV aids.

1. Blood transfusion

When both people have fresh wounds, the infected person is likely to infect the other when these wounds come into contact.

2. Kissing

Kissing will transmit the virus quickly if the infected person has a scar that is still fresh in the mouth or the tongue. It is not easy for saliva alone to transmit the virus.

3. It's not only about unprotected sex. You must be careful when handling vaginal fluids. Any contact with a fresh wound exposes you to the risk of infection. Do not ignore underestimate the ways through which the virus can be transmitted. Even a single penetration without using condoms may transmit the virus.

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