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Sigalagala: This is how the National Polytechnic has helped in preventing Covid-19 pandemic.

In most parts of the country Covid-19 has been a burden for a while now. Schools, hospitals and churches are some of the institutions that were allowed to reopen. But under tight conditions, that is, unnecessary gatherings, wearing of masks, sanitizing and maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres.

On our survey in The Sigalagala National Polytechnic (TSNP), which is located at approximately 12.3km from Kakamega Town along Kakamega-Kisumu Highway road, we were so impressed on how the institution is helping in preventing the spread of this deadly virus.

Inside the Polytechnic, there are posters and bill boards directing one on what is needed to be exercised by an individual. For example, in front of the business department classes, there is a board written in bold saying, "WASH YOUR HANDS TO PREVENT SPREAD OF COVID-19". Beside it are many functional taps.

Inside one of its class on the wall it's notified boldly that one should maintain hygiene. This is a clear indication on how clean the school is.

There's this behaviour of people aren't wearing masks in public gatherings. In Sigalagala, things are different because, upon arrival, on the notice board, its well quoted, "WEAR YOUR MASK". Those without masks are kicked out of the school to go and buy before entering the compound.

Finally, on 13th August 2021, they donated PPE's to assist in the fight against the Covid-19 virus to the market and its neighbouring schools.

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