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COVID-19 Drugs that can help you fight before hospitalization

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Unlike Covid 19 vaccines, Monoclonal antibody drugs can be used after a person has been infected by the virus.

These drugs fight coronavirus by releasing antibody into the bloodstream which tightly bind to specific areas of the virus, stopping it from attaching to or entering healthy cells.

When coronavirus invades the body, it cannot reproduce on its own. That is to say, it must infect the healthy cells to reproduce by attaching or entering the cell. But when the antibody is released into the bloodstream, it attacks the coronavirus and neutralize it, making it harmless.

These antibodies are only used for certain people who have mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms. They should not be used for the already hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

Meanwhile, vaccines remain the centrepiece arsenal against Covid-19. Ensure you get vaccinated.

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