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5 reasons that will make you to immediately stop taking alcohol.

Alcohol is classified as a drug, specifically a depressant. It slows down central nervous system functioning, reduces tension, anxiety and impairs cognitive process. In high doses, alcohol can arrest vital body functions leading to death. Some researchers call it a toxin. Below are lethal effects of alcohol that you should know.

1) Alcohol suppresses the activity of ADH enzyme in the kidney and eventually causes polyuria. A condition accompanied with large amounts of urine.

2) Brain: it damages the brain by affecting reasoning and judgement. More intakes affect visual and speech. It can also cause one to lose consciousness which can eventually cause death.

3) Kidney: it can cause kidney damage with regular intakes.

4) Liver: alcohol is metabolized in the liver, continued drinking wears off this organ and even causes toxic effects which could lead to cancer.

5) It displaces nutrients in the body hence altering metabolism and thus an individual remains unhealthy.

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