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Actions That Are Slowly Killing Your Brain

Amongst the organs within the human anatomy, the brain stands out to be arguably the most complex going by its functions. The brain does vital functions like controlling body temperature, influencing sleep, controlling body hormones vital for other processes and ensuring lucid memory. Minus the brain, human beings can barely live and are akin to walking corpses.

It's for this important functions of the brain that people are usually informed to value their brains by avoiding anything that may harm their brains. Also, people are usually made oblivious of the actions they involve themselves in that may slowly and silently kill their brains. Most of such actions that kill the brain generally stem from someone's lifestyle. Therefore, in this article am going to take you through some of your lifestyle actions that might be slowly killing your brain.

Engaging in smoking

Smoking is a lifestyle habit widely embraced by many people from all walks of life. Long-term smoking of cigarettes has adverse effects on the brain. In accordance to medical research, the habit makes the brain to retreat in size over time. The retreat in size leads to reduction in memory and raises ones susceptibility of contracting diabetes and dementia ( continual retardation in cognitive functioning due to damage of the brain exceeding what might be caused by ageing).

Less sugar consumption

Foods with high sugar contents are often loathed in this era as they are associated with lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes. On the flip side, too much abstinence from sugary meals may pose more harm than good for your brain.

This is occassioned by the fact that the brain needs some levels of sugar for the free electrons moving in the brain to operate normally. Therefore, your brain needs some optimal supply of glucose for it to function optimally.

Consumption of too much junk meals

Junk meals are the foods rich in excess processed sugars. They are like fried Irish potato chips and doughnuts. Consumption of such line of foods in excess are directly related to retardation of brain parts that are responsible for memory. This means that those who've got aphrodisiac appetite for junk foods are generally likely to suffer from memory problems. Always prefer vegetables and fruits to junk food for the best brain health.

Getting less sleep

Many people have different chores that sometimes deprives them of enough sleep. As it may seem less important, there's much importance enough sleep attaches to good brain health and its optimal functioning. Less sleep or rather interrupted sleep pattern will increase your susceptibility to suffering from dementia. It also increases your susceptibility to suffering from heart problems. You can enhance your sleeping patterns by desisting from alcohol intake and coffee consumption just before retiring to bed.

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