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First Kenyan To Announce HIV Status, Soldiers On 35 Years After The Confession

Since the disastrous HIV/AIDs disease hit our country in the '80s, several infected people have opted against revealing their status to the public due to stigmatization.

Joe Muriithi Muriiki was bold enough and unlike his counterparts made the extraordinary decision to become the first Kenyan to make public his HIV status in 1987.

This was three years after the first case of HIV/AIDs infection was discovered in the country.

According to his latest confession, doctors had given him only a maximum of three months to live owing to the severity of the disease at the time.

Keen to defy the doctor's announcement Muriithi began to actively observe a strict diet routine to keep off opportunistic diseases.

"I had struggled with the infection without knowing what was happening since 1986. There was very little information about HIV, plenty of stigmas and a lot of profiling and name-calling," he recounts.

His condition was worsened by the fact that there were no ARVs drugs at the time but was able to successfully manage the disease for the last 35 years.

Looking fast forward and it's fair to say it's been solid 35 years of living with HIV/AIDs infection for Muriiki, having defied the Doctor's three-month injunction.

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