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Eating At Funerals Increasing Covid-19 Infections

Corona virus pandemic has become one of the deadliest diseases in the whole world. Many people are getting Infected while others are dying each and every after 24 hours. The World Health Organization is trying their best to make sure that Covid-19 Vaccine reaches all nations in the world and indeed is helping alot.

The restrictions for reducing the number of Infections in our country Kenya are very effective. In Embu,it has been noticed that people eating at Funerals are encouraging the spread of Covid-19. This is because people are not wearing masks and social distancing is not observed too.

Embu Director of public Health, Roseline Kaugi, has warned mourners who will be found eating at the funeral to be arrested immediately. "The mourners are not observing social distancing when eating and they are also forgetting wearing of masks. Those found eating at the funerals will be arrested." She said.

The question remains,is this really true? Please share your comment on this.

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