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Why Denmark Had No Choice But To Stop Using AstraZeneca For Good

Denmark is the first country in Europe to stop using the Oxford's AstraZeneca vaccine due to its severe side effects that they have noted in some of the recipients of the vaccine. Denmark found out that a severe but rare case of thrombosis occured in some of those that used the vaccine. Thrombosis is a condition that occurs when blood clots, deep in the veins and arteries especially in the legs, block or obstruct blood circulation. The condition can cause a heart attack or a stroke.

In a total of 140,000 people vaccinated out of the 5.8 million citizens of Denmark, two have a serious case of thrombosis which was linked to the jab. The health director in Denmark in a press conference announced the country's decision to stop using the vaccine saying that the vaccination campaign has to go on without the AstraZeneca jab."Denmark's vaccination campaign will go ahead without the AstraZeneca vaccine," said the Health Authority Director.

Denmark has therefore decided to utilize Moderna and Pfizer for the rest of the unvaccinated population. This is despite World Health Organization's advise that countries should continue using the AstraZeneca vaccine because it's benefits outweigh it's negative effects by far.

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