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Things that Can End Your Life Prematurely

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Knowing the things that can kill you prematurely is important for several reasons but the key among them is that this may help you extend your life. According to the World Health Organization’s study known as Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study, things like tobacco use, high blood pressure, poor diet and obesity can cause you an early death. A new research by WHO conducted after the GBD has discovered that there are two factors that when brought together can greatly increase an individual’s risk of premature death. 

Per a study published in the Sleep Research Journal, poor sleep together with diabetes, especially type 2, can take one closer to their grave by 87 percent. The research involved about 600,000 people and found that people with diabetes with no sleeping problems were only 12 percent likely to die prematurely.

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The research states that if you are not suffering from diabetes, your sleep problems could be still be linked to greater threat of dying. Poor sleep may be caused by several factors and if one is struggling to sleep, it is advisable that they seek immediate medical assistance to investigate what could be the cause before it is late.

Lack of sleep can also expose one to other health issues and when sleep disturbances are accompanied by diabetes then the risks may even be greater. Diabetes and sleep problems is linked with increased mortality because they tax your health greatly and their impact on quality of life can cause early death. WHO advises that people should take these factors seriously and take action immediately they are noticed. 

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