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Next Time Your Woman Farts, Smell it And Thank Her For It

There is that moment when you're cuddling with your woman, then she suddenly lets out a fart. You may feel annoyed and even get the feeling that you seriously need to walk out of the room until the smell goes away. Farts have a rotten egg smell and can be really annoying. In fact, most people prefer going all the way to the washroom to let it out there instead of spoiling their partner's mood by farting near them.

What if I told you that in case your woman lets it out when you're with her, you should hang in there and smell it deeply. Yes you should. Smelling a fart is extremely healthy.

A 2014 research by a team of researchers in University of Exeter in the United Kingdom and University of Texas showed that the hydrogen sulfide present in farts may prevent certain conditions such as low blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and effects of aging.

Hydrogen sulfide prevents low blood pressure by making veins and arteries less stiff. The gas slows down aging by inhibiting free-radical reactions, by activating SIRT1, an enzyme believed to be a regulator of lifespan.

Interestingly, hydrogen sulfide also prevents mitochondrial damage when we are sick. When cells are threatened by illness, the body generates hydrogen sulfide from it's own enzymes. Hydrogen sulfide helps in maintaining healthy mitochondria. The mitochondria are very important in cells because they generate energy. If hydrogen sulfide is depleted, the mitochondria are damaged, thus leading to death of the cells. 

Women's farts have more hydrogen sulfide. This means that they are healthier to smell. So next time your girlfriend farts near you, smell it in deeply and thank her for it. However, severe farting should not be taken lightly. If your woman farts abnormally many times, please take her to the doctor. Severe farting could be a sign of an underlying serious health condition.

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United Kingdom University of Exeter University of Texas


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