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You Start to Feel the Symptoms at this Point if You Are Suffering from Omicron

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After several studies on the latest COVID-19 variant, experts have started to establish different things about the Omicron. These observations include the realization that Omicron evade the protection provided by the available jabs and Omicron being the most transmissible strain of the virus. The latest observation is that Omicron differs from the other variants in the symptoms that come with them. 

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Omicron strain takes the shortest time of all the variants to show symptoms. One of the things that have made it difficult to deal with the virus since its outbreak is it being asymptomatic yet contagious. The symptoms of Omicron strain show and appear after three days. It is advisable that if you feel unwell three days after exposure, then you need to go for a test to find out what is ailing you. The Delta and Alpha variants show symptoms after about six days. 

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The short incubation period makes it difficult to deal with and that is why many people are catching the virus. An infected individual can infect a large number of people before they notice that they are sick. A person who is infected with Omicron is more contagious making the strain of the virus harder to control. To be safe, it is advisable that you take your vaccine shots in time as the health agencies and the government has advised. Adhering to the containment measures can also help in preventing Omicron. 

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