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Read To Know Whether People In Widow Stage Of HIV Infection Can Still Transmit HIV Virus.

Most people often ask whether it is possible for a newly HIV Infected Person can still be able to transmit HIV virus if they get intimate with other people. Below are the answers from the experts and their recommendations.

According to research the answer is yes one can still transmit HIV even after Newly acquiring the Virus. Researchers therefore recommend that it is necessary that if you are planning to become intimate with a person it is good to go for HIV testing. Even though the results still turn negative it is recommended that the couple should still use protection and go back again after three months for retesting again.

This is because in the Sero Conversation stage the HIV Virus may be present in your body fluids but the antibodies may not be many enough to show a possible HIV Infection in the first test. Therefore it is necessary to be cautious before risking.

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HIV Sero Conversation


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