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If Your Keys Get Lost, This Is How You Can Open Your Padlock Easily Without A Key

When many people misplace their keys, they are left with no other option but to break the padlock. Some use a hammer, others use a screwdriver while others use a hacksaw to cut the padlock down. In this article, am going to talk about more creative ways people can use to open their padlocks when they misplace their keys.

1: Use Compressed air

Compressed air here means difluoroethane which is also known as a cooling gas. This gas is used as a refrigerant. When applied on the surface of one side of the padlock's neck, it freezes the metal. Give it a period of one minute and use a hammer to hit the neck slightly. The padlock opens without the use of much energy.

2: Use a paperclip or a pin

Take a paperclip or a pin and make sure you bend it to make it look like letter "L" or "S". Put one end of the paperclip in the padlock and apply some pressure by twisting the paperclip or pin. Continue twisting until the padlock unlocks itself. This method has been used by many people and it has worked for them.

3: Use a match stick

Take a match box and a clean white paper. Peel off the contents on the head of the match sticks in the paper. Make sure that the match sticks are dry. Close the piece of paper and grind the contents in it to make them smooth. Put the contents in the orifice of the padlock.

Take a new match stick and put it in the orifice of the padlock with the head facing outwards. Ignite the match stick and while it burns, it carries fire in the padlock where you put your crushed contents. The crushed contents burns and creates the needed temperature inside the padlock and this opens the padlock easily.

Content created and supplied by: Michaelkilonzo97 (via Opera News )


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