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Can a man completely satisfy a woman.

Men tend to do their best to please or woo a woman that they want. They give their all, spend lots of money and time. But can this really be enough during courtship or after marriage. The question on everyone's mind is what really satisfy a woman.

According to Edmonton Elton "Do your best, your very best and leave the rest, if you think you can please a woman, you'll die trying. "

The truth is if you think logics and further mathematics is difficult, try studying a woman.You will never graduate.

One of the best psychologists Significant Freud, stated That "in my 35 years of study as a psychology, there is one thing that I am yet to understand and that is what does a woman really want? "

By nature, a woman is like a complex river course. In that case, no matter how you study her, may never graduate. Even the youngest of women is complicated. They were naturally created that way. As a helper she must be strong and complicated. One writer said that a woman is fire. She can either warm you or burn you down. Many men have tried to please a woman and they have died trying. A certain writer who goes by the name Barry Brayton once said" am amazed how both love and hate can proceed from the heart of a woman at the same time. " The greatest men is brought low by women. I stand to be proven otherwise .

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