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These Foods Will Increase Your Chances Of Surviving Coronavirus

The human body fights infections using the immune system. The chances of surviving an infection are determined by the strength of your immunity.

During this period when the world is struggling with COVID-19 pandemic people need to strengthen their immune system for their survival.

There are nutrients which have been identified as boosters of the growth and functioning of the immune system. The major nutrients for this purpose are zinc, iron, vitamin D, vitamin C and proteins.

Sources of these nutrients include;

Zinc- found in meat, shellfish, legumes, nuts, eggs and whole grains.

Iron- found in red meat, liver, beans and nuts.

Vitamin D- found in eggs, liver, oily fish and by busking on the sun.

Vitamin C- this can be sourced from citrus fruits and green vegetables.

Proteins- these nutrients are found mainly in meat, green vegetables, milk, eggs and beans.

Note that the sources may not be limited to the ones mentioned above.



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