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How to maintain a healthy nervous system

The nervous system is a complex,highly specialised network system of the body.It controls sight, hearing,smell and feeling sensations,voluntary and involuntary functions such as movement and the ability to think and reason.

The nerve is the basic unit of the peripheral nervous system and transmits electrical impulses.The nervous system uses specialised cells called neurons to send signals or messages throughout the body which travel throughout the body between the skin,organs,glands and muscles.

Problems associated with a malfunctional nervous system are Multiple sclerosis,Alzheimer's disease,Parkinson's disease,epilepsy,stroke and structural disorders such as bell's palsy,cervical splondylosis,carpal tunnel syndrome,Guillain Barre syndrome.

A healthy nervous system is important for a healthy body.This can be achieved by:

* Exercising regularly.

*Not smoking or using tobacco products.

*Getting plenty of rest.

*Meditating and using yoga.

*Drinking green tea.

*Exposing the body to sunlight.

*Eating a healthy diet especially one rich in B vitamins.Foods like avocados,green leafy vegetables,dark chocolate,broccoli,fish,salmon,blueberries,nuts are important for a healthy nervous system.Photos courtesy of Google.

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