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Signs That You Don't Drink Enough Water

Below are 5 effects of not drinking enough water.

1. Awful Breath

Water helps in saliva production. It additionally assist in rinsing away bacteria and you will have healthy teeth and gums. Íf you don't drink enough water bacteria will build up on the tongue, teeth, and gums leading to awful breath. This might be the reason why you experience bad breath even after practicing good oral hygiene.

2. Fatigue

Lack of water in the body will cause low blood suply to the organs, blóod helps in delivering oxygen and nutrients. You will experience fatigue because blood will try to function without enough water. In case you feel toresome, then increase the level of water intake.

3. Frequent Illness

Water helps flush toxins and bacteria which might cause illnesses. You may experience illnesses if you don't drink enough water.

4. Constipation

Water assists in digestion and soft stool which makes it move easily through the digestive tract. Lack of water wil cause your body to extract water from the stool,making it harder hence difficulty in passing it.

5. Unhealthy skin

Water hydrates the skin cells making your skin healthu,soft and youthful. Lack of water makes your skin dry and sluggish. Water helps to keep off skin diseases and acne by flushing out harmful toxins from your body.

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