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Ever heard of covid 19 variants,check out the most contagious

The WHO has renamed the number of strains of COVID-19 circulating around the world for easy understanding.

Under these changes, the four concerning variants take on the first four letters of the Greek alphabet — Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta

Delta, the Indian variant

The Delta variant is the recently designated variant of concern and has been classified by the World Health Organization because it's believed to show:

  • Increased transmissibility or detrimental change in epidemiology
  • Increased virulence or change in disease presentation
  • Decreased effectiveness of prevention and control measures

It was first detected in India in October 2020, and it is highly contagious and has since spread to East Africa.

Kappa, the other Indian variant

It was also first detected in India. However, unlike the Delta variant, is not classified as a variant of concern by W.H.O.

It is also highly contagious and potentially deadly.

Its other name is very similar to the Delta variant: B.1.617.1 because it is said to originate from the: B.1.617 strain.

Alpha, the UK variant

The name Alpha is based on the fact that it was designated a variant of concern by the WHO, and was detected in September 2020, and was designated a strain of particular concern in December the same year.

It is estimated to be at least 50% more transmissible than other detected strains of COVID-19.

 This variant was behind the United Kingdom lockdown in January 2021. However, it is no longer the most dominant strain.

It triggered a public health response leading to a snap lockdown in the U.K earlier in 2021.

It's been known as the UK variant, the Kent variant, and B.1.1.7.

Beta, the South African variant

The South African variant, is also known as the Beta variant and it is the oldest of the COVID-19 variants of concern, having been detected in May 2020.

Also known as B.1.351, it was first detected in South Africa.

This variant shares some of the same mutations as the Alpha strain.

Gamma, the Brazilian variant

This strain is also listed as a variant of concern by the WHO, is first detected in Japan, in travelers from Brazil.

The strain has raised concerns because it is suspected to be responsible for a surge in cases in Brazil.

It is also known as P1 and was first detected in November 2020.

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