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Internet Erupts After this Man Was Unable to Say the Word Government Official Well-Video


Due to the government directives given to curb the spread of covid 19. Bars and restaurants were closed not to sell alcohol, since some people use it as an escape from stress hence becoming irresponsible.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is not good but we have seen many people tending to drink excess getting them into trouble. Some end up sleeping by the road side, while others are seen seated on mud.To alcoholics that's how they release stress,hence they forget about everything just by taking enough and being responsible. Well this is not the case for many alcoholics in Kenya as most of them have ended up being drained in alcohol especially the cheap ones leading them to speak much of the truth than lies.That is why it is said if you want to get the truth then listen to a drunkard.


Recently most of the bars are closed or rather are selling take aways. This was a government directive to ensure drunkards are able to be responsible while drinking to avoid infection of Corona. On the other hand some drunkards have gone an extra mile of looking for hideous places to take their alcohol and become irresponsible while others sleep on mud.

This video has surfaced online capturing a drunkard who was not able to pronounce the word government well as he was being interviewed to explain how he got drunk. watch the full video.

This has stirred up reactions online as Kenyans say that he will pronounce the word next year. Some say English is hard and is not for everyone. Well is it true?


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