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Side Effects and Benefits Of Alcohol and Bhang.

Alcohol and cannabis (bhang) are some of the most circulating and most used drugs amongst the youths. With their use at the peak do we really know which one drowns our youths and which seems more dangerous?

Alcohol starts damage from the moment you take the first sip. It has a vast list of effects starting with the brain as it interferes with the brain’s communication pathways, and can affect the way the brain looks and works.

One of its main effects is the damage of the liver i.e liver inflammation. Alcohol also brings about several types of cancer such as head and neck cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and other dangerous varieties.

Too much drinking also weakens immunity. The only believed advantage brought by alcohol I stress relief which is not even yet proven.

On the other hand Bhang also has its effects and benefits. It causes feelings of euphoria, can also cause panic, fear, or depression in some people.

Due to its psychoactive effects, it may reduce short-term memory, coordination, and judgment, as well as promote paranoia or psychosis when consumed in high doses.

Bhang also has a long list of health benefits, bhang helps reduce chronic pain, help prevent nausea and vomiting, it helps quicken healing of brocken bones.

Other benefits also include; it reduces muscle spasms and seizures, offers some protection against cancer, increases appetite, may reduce inflammations and also improve sleep.

Many people have different opinions about each of these drugs and do you think there is any which is better than the other?

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