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Why Some Choose Cremation Over Burial After Death

A lot of discussions have emerged on this topic as some semi scholars write as a study of the issue.

And there are a wide range of reasons that some people prefer cremation.

The first is strictly within the imagination, but is none the less real and powerful. Just as some people think of cremation, and imagine how awful it would be to burn, there are others who apply the same imaginative thinking the other way, and think that anything would be better than to be locked forever in a cold, dark cramped box under several feet of earth. They can't imagine anything that fills them with more horror. Both groups make the choices appropriate to them.

For other people, cost is a deciding factor. Many cremation clients are choosing from the simpler end of possibilities. These possibilities are the same, cremation vs burial, it is more common for cremation services to be simpler, thus less expensive. And of course cremation reduces or eleminates most of the expense at the cemetery, so the total is cheaper, even if the type of service is the same.

Over the years, people have become much less motivated by being buried in “the family plot” because we are now so mobile now as compared to previous years. People have no attachments other than fond memories to any of those places, and do not particularly desire to be buried in them.

That is a common experience.

Our culture was strongly pro-burial. But as time went on, that was often done simply because it was what we usually did. Eventually, there began to be a change. We started seeing a few memorial services with cremation.

What's your opinion, Cremation or Burial?

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