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Does Your Urine Have This Colour, Then It means That You Are Likely To Be In Any Of These Conditions

The colour of urine normally flactuate alot. Ranging from clear to red and even sometimes green or blue.

The colour of urine is determined by many factors. It is actually dictated by the amount of water in our bodies ( hydration), the type of food we eat and in serious situations health.

A variety of health complications that are perceived only by checking the urine skin include kidney infections, inflammation or kidney stones, also Sexually Transmitted Infections and prostate related complications.

It is therefore necessary to be Keen on checking the colour of your urine.

This article will enlighten you on when to see a doctor and when the body is functioning normally.

Red urine means that their is traces of blood in your discharge. This could be STIs, kidney or prostate complications. It is there advisable to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Clear urine indicates hydration. It means you have taken alot of water or fluids. Also taking alot of alcohol mostly beer leads to passing alot of clear urine.

Orange and yellow implies that your body is dehydrated. It is therefore necessary to take in alot of water or fluids for example juice, milk porridge or any beverages. The component which makes urine yellow is referred to as urochome. It is formed when haemoglobin is broken down in liver and released through kidneys.

Brown means medicine pigments present in urine, it could also be dehydration.

Green or blue is determined by the kind of food we take though some cases it could be infections.

So know when to see a doctor and when not do.

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