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Australia is considering legalizing euthanasia

Tasmania island in Australia will be the third Australian state to legalize euthanasia, if the bill that was passed at the lower house of the state's parliament is passed in the upper house parliament.

Over the passed years,this bill also know as "end of life choices" has never seen the limelight because The state’s legislature has always rejected it.

However,Tasmanian lawmakers debated the bill extensively over the week and is expected to be taken to the parliament for approval before it can becomes a law.

According to experts, it is a complex process and involves weighing many factors. This includes Local laws, someone’s physical and mental health, and their personal beliefs among others.

According to the reports by the Australian associated press,If passed, the law would apply to people over 18 years with an advanced, incurable, irreversible condition expected to cause death within six months.

It however gives chances for patients to opt out of the decision at any time.

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