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What Happens To Your Body When You Consume More Spicy Food

May produce an allergic reaction. Reaction to Spices It may be necessary to see a doctor to understand why it happened and how to prevent it from a special substance in our brain that is responsible for causing painful feelings. It makes our brains ignore pain, a nice bonus for those not afraid of hot things. 

Lose Weight Eating spicy foods is an easy way to burn a little more fat. Nothing can replace exercise and a healthy diet, but the capsinoids found in peppers are harmless. They are known to increase energy expenditure and decrease Fat.

 Improves the Immune System Antioxidants are added to your body while you are eating hot food. It is very useful during the flu season as antioxidants protect us from the germs that attack our bodies. If you're already feeling bad, cook something with peppers to help boost your immunity. 


 You Can Live Longer  This study found that those who ate hot food 6 to 7 days a week had a 14% lower death rate. The same study looked at spicy food lovers regardless of other risk factors that spicy food doesn't help people with an unhealthy lifestyle.

 Reducing sugar consumption  We all know that sugar is harmful to health, but reducing the amount of sugar is not easy. Experts say adding spicy dishes to your menu occasionally can help combat sugar cravings.

It's similar to drinking a glass of orange juice after brushing your teeth; after eating something spicy, we usually don't want anything sweet. Increases acid, city, In reality, paprika contains a combination of acids and when we consume too much of it our stomach walls start to burn.

Keep in mind that this condition can get worse and become chronic in the long run, so it is best if you minimize excessive use of heat-wrapped oo ds. If you already have heartburn, try drinking milk or cooling the burn with some ice. Your stomach problems may get worse 

Eating spicy foods is a bad idea for people with sensitive stomachs as can cause diarrhoea, so capsaicin, which is beneficial to the body but generally irritating to us, can be a temporary one Causing gastritis, or if you already have stomach problems it is likely to get worse.

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