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George Natembeya Gives a Directive In Trans Nzoia As Ebola Virus Cases Continue To Rise In Uganda

As of Monday 26th September, 2022, Uganda had reported four deaths caused by Ebola virus and over sixteen cases reported. This comes as Kenya is put on high alert since its the neighboring country. The first case was for a 24 year old man.

For that reason, the county government of Trans Nzoia has given a new directive. According to their governor honourable George Natembeya, the mortuaries should desist from accepting dead bodies from Uganda. That only those whose death has been ascertained should be kept in Trans Nzoia. This is because the county is on the boundary of Kenya and Uganda.

However, Natembeya noted that the directive might face sime challenges since there is no good measures when people are crossing the boundary. That some illegal activities might take place which might put the residents to danger. He however urged the medical personnel to be on the lookout to avoid inconveniences.

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