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Common Symptoms of The Silent STD, Syphilis.

Syphilis is one of the most Common Sexually Transmitted Infection that affects people of reproductive age. It is spread by sexual contact and it can even be passed from mother to child during birth.

Nowadays it is mandatory for all pregnant women to go through Syphilis screening since it is the leading cause of blindness in newborns. The Syphilis bacteria affects eye membranes. However this STI if detected early, it is treatable.

Most common Symptoms of these STI are

1. It first manifests as a painless sore which may be found either on your genitals, rectum or mouth

2. The sore heals on its own after a few days and a rash appears on palms an feet.

3. Sore Throat.

4. If left untreated syphilis can result to damage of the brain, nerves, heart and eyes.

It is therefore necessary to always go for yearly checkups of STI screening and start treatment early if you are infected.

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