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Why COVID-19 Might Not Spare You When You Catch It

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One thing most people forget about COVID-19 vaccine is that it does not just prevent you from contracting the virus but it also helps you prepare your immunity when the virus gets you. A recent report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that 99 percent of the COVID-19 related deaths have one thing in common. 

WHO notes in their study that out of the recorded deaths, 99.2 percent of the deaths are of those individuals who are not vaccinated while only 0.8 percent are of those that are vaccinated. To avoid severe disease that requires hospitalization or that which can lead to death, the WHO advises that you need to take your shot as Africa approaches its worst week in the wave of infections since the pandemic began. 

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Those that are not vaccinated are likely to be swept by the virus but this is avoidable as the vaccines in circulation give protection against the many variants. Going for your vaccine will mean that you protect your family and the community around you as you protect yourself. 

In most parts of Africa very few people have gone for their COVID-19 shots with many people just reluctant and others not getting the vaccines due to the logistics involved. The American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the vaccines can help you escape the jaws of death. The high number of deaths are said to be seen in those that have not been vaccinated all over the world. Vaccinated people who have gotten ill have been able to recover without suffering severe COVID-19. 

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According to WHO, the loss of lives and severe disease is wholly avoidable and can be handled if people stopped being reluctant and went for their jabs. People are advised to turn up in large numbers and receive their shots as the vaccines are free.

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