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COVID-19 Kills More Than 2000 People Within 24 Hours In India

Covid-19 has continued to hit super countries that are well known to be the best in health sector. India is now overwhelmed by the second wave of covid-19 virus that is hugely swallowing their people in every minute.

Today, India has lost 2,812 people with an addition of 352,991 new confirmed covid-19 positive cases which becomes the 5th consecutive day of more than 300,000 infections. The countries health care system has collapsed in the wave with hospitals filled beyond capacity and unable to care for any new patients with a shortage of oxygen canisters being experienced everywhere.Crematories are busy day and night setting fire to the dead. Lockdown which was to end today in capital New Delhi has been extended until further notice. However, it's only 1.6% of 1.4 billion people in india have been vaccinated so far.

Officials are now considering cutting down trees in city parks to accommodate the high number of bodies waiting to be cremated.

Let's pray for India as we wear mask, keep social distance and sanitize. Share, like, comment and follow us for more updates.

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