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Weight Loss: How Zari Hassan Lost 4kgs with this 10 day diet

The mother of five, Zari Hassan, 40 embarked on a weight loss journey after she was massively shamed back in November when she visited Tanzania. Her visit to Tanzania was to reunite her two last kids Tiffah and Nillan Dangote with their father bongo star artist, Diamond Platinumz. Tanzanian's on social media started body shaming her after photos of her from the media went viral and she wasn't as petite as she displayed on her Instagram photos. Even Mama Diamond, Sandra commented on her weight gain. Zari fired back at critics that they were bothered with her weight gain and it wasn't even there bodies gaining the weight. After a weeks visit she went back to south Africa where she lives with her family and runs her businesses. She went mum for a few days and then she shared a photo that wowed everyone with how different she looked. She had tonned down a bit and she shared her secret was the cleansing diet.

The cleansing diet involves taking liquid based foods like smoothies for a period of time and denying your body any solid food. With this diet it helps detoxify the body from toxin build up and as a result the bodys metabolism works better resulting in weight loss.

The diet has been faulted for leaving the body dehydrated for those who embark on the said diet are always advised to hydrate a lot.

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