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7 Harmless Products That Ruin Your Health If You Overdose On Them

We're all aware that any food and any drug can be helpful only if you don’t eat or take too much of it. And if you do, the consequences could be terrible. Today, I've made a compilation of popular foods and found out which ones can damage your health if you eat too much of them.

TeaA 56-year-old man was hospitalized with kidney failure caused by drinking too much cold tea in 2014. It was reported that he drank around 16 cups per day that led to these terrible consequences. His kidneys were damaged by oxalate, a chemical that is present in black tea. Therefore, you shouldn’t drink more than 6 cups of black tea per day, in order to avoid these consequences.

Soy sauceBack in 2013, a young man from the US made a bet that he could drink a bottle of soy sauce. After he drunk it, he had a seizure and lost consciousness. Doctors diagnosed him with severe dehydration and an excessive amount of sodium. Keep in mind that this imbalance is dangerous because it can cause a stroke

ToothpasteAt the beginning of the 90s, all tubes of toothpaste said: “Don’t swallow, don’t use more than a pea-size.” Swallowing a huge amount of fluoride-free toothpaste can lead to an upset stomach. But if you swallow a lot of fluoride-containing toothpaste, it can be very dangerous, especially for a child’s body because fluoride is toxic and can cause dizziness, stomachache, and even death.

SodaWe are all aware that, sweet sodas contain a lot of sugar, and sugar is the worst ingredient. According to the latest information, the lethal dose of sugar is 0.5 oz for 1 lb of body weight. Therefore, an average male has to drink 784 oz of soda in order to get poisoned.

TunaAccording to experts, eating a lot of tuna can be dangerous, but few people know what “a lot” really means. Some kinds of tuna contain more mercury than others. So, if a person’s weight is 150 lbs, then they shouldn’t eat more than 0.3 lbs of tuna per 9 days.

Ointment for musclesThis kind of ointment relieves muscle pain, but you should avoid using it very often. Despite the fact that it is meant for external use, the methyl salicylate that these ointments contain penetrates the body through the pores and can lead to dangerous consequences.

LicoriceEating just 0.1 lbs of licorice within 2 weeks can lead to heart problems. The problem is, licorice contains glycyrrhizin, a chemical that leads to a decrease in potassium levels. When the potassium level decreases, your blood pressure can increase which can lead to heart failure.

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