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Top 6 Alcohol Consuming Countries in Africa

Alcohol is a regulated drug, made from grains, vegetables and fruits through famentation process, whereby yeast reacts with sugar in the food resulting in ethanol and carbon monoxide. Excessive consumption of alcohol can result to severe health problems.

Alcohol consumption in Africa is very high and here is a list of top 6 alcoholic countries in Africa, per person aged 15 and above per annum.


It is ranked number one when it comes to alcohol consumption, this is because in Nigeria beer makes up to 16% of the alcohol consumption while other drinks make up 84% due to popularity of home brewed beverages. In this country the policy makers are making alcohol production and selling more difficult and expensive.

South Africa

In this beautiful country beer consumption makes up to 56% and the other remaining 17%, 16% and 11% is made up of wine, spirits and other drinks irrespectively. South Africa has produced some of the world's best and most popular wines. As much as alcohol is highly consumed in this country, it is still the most expensive product.


In this magical country, alcohol consumption became rampant untill the government took measures to cub the rates. In Kenya beer consumption makes up to 43% and some of it's popularly known alcohol brands include, tusker lager and premium lager. Statistics shows that Kenyan women drink as much as their men.


When it comes to drinks in Namibia, beer drinking carries the most weight with 67%, spirits take 28% while wine and other drinks make up 27% and 6% respectively. Just like in South Africa it's neighboring, there is a wide crackdown of alcohol production and selling.


In this country alcohol is very rampant, because Gabon has the most cheapest priced alcoholic beverages than any other country in Africa. Alcohol consumption in Gabon takes up to 68%. Surprisingly enough alcohol in this country isn't taxed and this makes importation of alcohol so easy.


This another alcoholic country after Nigeria, this because it locally produces it's own popularly known moonshine called Waragi, which is easily made from bananas, cassava, millet and sugarcane. In Uganda local brews make up to 89%, beer 9% while wines and spirits 2%.

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