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OPINION: Why Kenyan's Should Expect Total CountryWide Lockdown Before Easter.

Early last week Kenya officially announced a third wave of the deadly disease covid-19 while the World Health Organization (WHO) in Africa Region reported a slight increase in covid-19 cases.

This comes after Kenya record the highest number of covid-19 cases on Wednesday last week.

Ministry Of Heath (MHO) announced 713 new cases and 12 deaths. Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kangwe warned there is increase in number of patients on ventilation and the the situation may worsen soon .

Later on Friday last week , President Kenyatta extended the Nationalwide curfew by sixty days, bunned political and social gathering for a period of 30 days .

President Kenyatta said his government will continue to be guided by science saying future decision on controlling the Coronavirus will depend on hard evidence.

Early this week on Tuesday ,the positivity rate was hovering around 22.0 per cent .The Country recorded 1,127 new cases from a sample size of 5,393 equivalent to 22.0 per cent.

By 23rd March Kenya had a total of 123,167 covid-19 cases,90586 recoveries and 2,048 deaths.

On Tuesday, the Mbagathi Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital and The Kenyatta University Teaching and Referring Hospital in Nairobi are not receiving new covid-19 patient after exhausting all ICU beds.

Kenya has a total of 492 ICU beds capacity across the 47 counties with other 13,272 beds set for isolation.

This is a clear sign that the situation may worsen if the right containment Measures for covid-19 are not adhered .

People are advised always to wear mask, sanitize, wash hands with soaps and keep social distance. Failure to this the situation will worsen attracting more tough and tight containment Measures for covid-19 like total CountryWide lockdown.

On other side 4th April 2021 Christian from all walks of life will join together to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many people will travel and gather together to celebrate with their loves ones. This mass traveling and gathering of people worsen the situation if the right containment Measures are not adhered to.

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