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6 Foods That Can Destroy The Production Of Testosterone Hormones In The Body

Food is essential to the bodies of human beings. It is through food that we get the crucial minerals to keep our bodies healthy and away from diseases. However, not all food is important to our bodies. Some of the foods we eat can destroy our bodies without our inkling. 

In the article, we shall focus on those foods that the production of testosterone hormones. 

It is important to know that food and exercise have a very great impact on our health. Nevertheless, proper nutrition is also very significant.

The list of foods that destroy the production of testosterone levels! 

1. Strawberries. Strawberries are very nutritious fruits that anyone ought to eat. They are good in the production of vitamin C that is so substantial in boosting testosterone hormones. Strawberries unlike oranges, provide a large quantity of vitamin C. The problem with them is that they aren’t healthy. The problem comes from the kind of pesticides sprayed to control diseases and pests. These pesticides repress the production of testosterone hormone and induce dominance in estrogen hormone production. 

2. While peaches have a variety of vitamins and minerals essentially needed by the body, they have the same issues as strawberries in terms of pesticide spraying. Those pesticides sprayed on strawberries muffle the production of this significant hormone into the body. Because peaches have very thin coats, it makes it easier for pesticides to seep through. 

3. Apples. While apples are surprisingly great in nutrition, but it also plays a major role in recession of testosterone hormone in human bodies. Apples, strawberries, and peaches have invariably been on the top 10 most pesticide-filled produce list for years now. 

4. I know you will wonder if I happen to mention Watermelon. Yes, watermelon also lowers the production of testosterone hormone. While it also plays a major role in increasing the rate of production of this hormone, but the problem arrives when it is taken in excess. The sugar present in watermelon has the disadvantage of shifting the blood sugar level high d studies have shown that having excess sugar in the body, lowers the rate of testosterone hormone production.

5. Though Kales play a major role in increasing the rate of testosterone hormone production, it shares some common aspects with the fruits we described above. The pesticides sprayed on it plays a major impact on the production of testosterone.

6. Spinach in one way boosts the production of testosterone hormones but this is only when you buy organic spinach. 

The Spinach leaves are too sensitive to pesticide squirting and they absorb those chemicals like a sponge.

The result is you eat those chemicals and your testosterone levels are going to take the biggest hit.

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