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How to Take Care of Oneself

self care

we will begin by the term selfcare.What is self care??? well this is the practising of health management without a certified professional.In health care, self care is a priority function which is under individual control deliberate and self initiated for the purpose of maintaining health and well being. Self care can also be defined as promoting health, prevent diseases ,maintain health and to focus with illness or disability without a support of a health care. The importance of selfcare is to encourage yourself to maintain a healthy body and able to transmit good feelings to others, as people say you can not give to others what you dont have yourself ,people misunderstand that self care is being selfish well thats not true and its far from that.1 Eat healthy foods and live healthy

By this we get that eating a balance diet on a daily basis and make it as a routine ,it helps the body and one can have a strong immune system also eating fruits helps when you are sick because they get digested fast .

2 Get enough sleep and exercise on a daily basis

Getting enough sleep helps the body when you are exhausted thus one has to get an eight full hours of sleep. This makes the body to stay at a healthy weight, lower risk of health problems and reduce stress to improve your moods. Also getting on a daily exercise like jogging,pushups ,squats helps to improve moods and boost energy, it can also be fun and social.

3 Visit friends and build a mutual relationship of sense belonging

Visiting of friends helps one to get out of the house and build friendship with neighbours or if you have a friend it helps one to avoid getting depressed and lonely. As the say loneliness leads to depression so one has to have a mutual relationship with a friend to able to help each other's mindset and sense belonging.

4 Having some fun for enjoyment everyday

Getting into fun makes the mindset at peace and while being happy you are able to be stress free, boost your immune system, protect your heart and reduce pain, we get that also rather than sucess being the key to happiness ,happiness could infact be the key to sucess.

5 Take yourself for a trip as a self care tip

Taking yourself for a trip and having the moment of at peace with yourself helps to be strees free and you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries and be happy. So also engaging yourself in for a trip is a good selfcare tip

6 Say no to others and yes for yourself care benefit

By this we get that you are able to love yourself and care for yourself. This is one of the most adviced tip even by doctors love yourself by saying no to others and yes to yourself this shows you are at 100% of loving yourself.

This are the top 6 health care tips of taking care of oneself i hope they can help and able to live a healthy life.

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