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4 Cheap And Natural ways Of Stopping Excess Sweating Under The Armpits.

According to health specialists Sweating is a very important body activity as it helps in eliminating toxic waste products from the body.

However excess of it mostly under the armpits can make one uncomfortable especially due to the bad smell.

Majority of people with this condition prefer using deodorants since they are readily available even though they doesn't solve the issue completely.

There are other cheap and natural methods of stopping excess sweating on the armpits which includes:

1.Keep your body hydrated. Water is very important in the body of humans. It helps in digestion, transportation of nutrients to all parts of the body and also aids in excretion.

Oftenly drinking water and eating vegetables and fruits with high water content like watermelon, grapes and spinach among others cools the body preventing sweating.

2.Reduce or stop caffeine and nicotene intake. These two stimulants are known to increase blood pressure, heart rate and consequently activate the sweat glands to produce sweat hence should be avoided.

3.Keep your armpits shaved. Hair traps moisture hence shaving oftenly is one way to eliminate too much sweating under arms and around the body.

4.Avoid dressing immediately after bathing. It is recommended to give the body sometime to dry and cool especially after a hot shower before wearing on clothes as it helps in minimizing sweating.

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