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If Your Body Can Do That, You Are One In A Million

What do you call a person who can write with either hand equally well? How can you reach with your tongue into your nose from inside and why would you even want to do that? see further if you have a real superpower.

7. About a third of all people can raise one eyebrow left or right it's a great way to send a playful signal to someone while telling a joke but the ability to raise both eyebrows separately is much rarer.

If you're not among them that's because you cannot yet control and move the corresponding muscles but this skill can be developed. Stand in front of a mirror, hold one eyebrow with your hand and lift the other one up and down and then do the same with the other eyebrow this will help you learn to move them separately.

6. Can you sit down on the floor and get back without the help of your hands or knees? This simple challenge is called the sitting rising test.

Although scientists argue whether this test is trustworthy and telling anything about your health, you can still use it to check whether your muscles and heart are strong enough. If you're unable to get off the floor without the support of your hands or knees maybe it's time to return to the gym.

5. Now stretch out your hand and place a ring on the crook of your elbow then rotate your palm if the ring didn't fall you're a rare person

If you can lick your elbow easily or touch your thumb to your forearm congratulations you're among the minority of people.

4. Some people then bring flexibility to the next level by a condition is called hypermobility. It allows rare individuals to twist their bodies into weird positions just like a snake putting their head between their feet, doing a back bridge in all sorts of splits.

In some cases hypermobility can increase sensitivity because such people have a larger medulla, this brain area is responsible for processing emotions.

3. Ninety percent of people are right-handed and only ten percent are left-handed, but there's also a very small percentage of those who can use both hands equally well including writing, drawing, and doing any tests.

Naturally ambidextrous people account for only one percent of the entire population which is about 70 million people. If you want to check whether you're one of them try to draw a circle first with your right and then with your left hand if there's no difference congrats.

2. Here is a test for you, stretch out your palms in front of you, squeeze together all of your fingers except your thumb now spread the index and middle fingers, and a ring finger with the little finger in different directions.

Did you succeed? If so you'd probably make a wonderful musician because the nerves in your palms are well developed.

1. Do you feel ticklish when you tickle yourself? Normally you wouldn't unless someone else tickles you. This happens because the cerebellum area of the brain which monitors movements predicts the sensations caused by your movements then it sends a signal to other parts of the nervous system to cancel these sensations.

But some rare individuals can feel ticklish on their own if you're not among them touching a new texture that the brain doesn't yet recognize or using a scalp massager can help to excite your nerves and bring relaxation.

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