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Why You Should Not Use the Phone While on the Toilet

British survey states that the average Brit spends a bit longer, than 3 hours per week on the toilet. This period of time exceeds the recommended time of 10 to 15 minutes per day. 75% of Americans admitted that they use their phone while on the toilet. There 6 reasons why you should not spend more than 15 minutes on the toilet.

Your phone is a playground for germs

Your phone can transfer and pick up germs very easily. The germs are transferred from their surface to your private parts when wiping. A phone can also pick germs from the bathroom surface, while you are washing your hands or flushing.

According to studies, phones spread the MRSA superbug in healthcare environments. This shows that a patient can end up being infected.

Hemorrhoids and other rectal issues

Doctors say that sitting on the toilet from 1 to 15 minutes is the norm. Spending more time on the toilet, exerts pressure on your rectum. One of the symptoms is hemorrhoids, followed by rectal prolapse. This makes the rectum to drop out of place. However, this condition is not a state of emergency, unless you leave it untreated.

You do not need to practice mindfulness on the toilet

Phones will keep your brain in stress mode. They also make you distracted from your daily activities. Meditating or doing exercises is the best way to take a break, during the day. Reading books will keep you focused on the words you need, thus preventing uninterested features on your phone.

You treat toilet time as a way to escape

In 2016, study proved that many people use their phones to suppress their negative feelings and emotions. The study revealed that students use their phones to fight their boredom. So, continuous use of phones has a great effect on your mental health. 

You waste your time

The research states that every owner of a phone, spends an average of 90 minutes on his or her phone. The given period of time is about 3.9 years of your lifetime. This shows that phones can distract you from doing you job, and your daily activities.

A study reveals that employees waste 5 hours per week, doing non work related issues. Nowadays, many employees prefer on checking their personal emails, and checking their social media. This time should actually be used on serious issues.

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