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Effects Of Too Much Alcohol

Before going out for that party and imbibing too much please remember the following side effects of too much alcohol in your body ranging from health to your social well being.

Too much alcohol will definately kill in the long run.It puts a toll on major body organs such as the liver eventually causing cirrhosis which is almost always fatal,the good news is that the liver is able to regenerate itself if the damage isn't too much therefore reducing the quantity of intake or stopping drinking completely will reverse the damage.Other organs affected include the kidneys which are overworked trying to get the body rid of the toxin,the brain which affects one's speech and mental coordination,the heart is also not able to handle chronic drinking leading to cardiovascular diseases while also making one susceptible to mouth and throat cancers amongst others.

On the social front,alcoholism leads to strained relationships especially at home and also at work and may eventually cause job loss thus affecting family income streams.

It is therefore recommended that one should drink moderately or abstain altogether and if not possible seek professional help in order to forestall alcohol dependence problems.

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Too Much Alcohol


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